Explore the world during our 2013-2014 Chamber Series

Written by Suzanne LeFevre, head of the Chamber Series program

Get ready to explore the world during our 2013-2014 ROCO Chamber Series!

This season, entitled “Around the World in ROCO Ways”, we will take you on six Sunday voyages spotlighting many of our very own, talented ROCO musicians.  The ROCO Chamber Series compliments the ROCO in Concert orchestra concerts, while transporting you a bit deeper into the composer’s world.

You will personally experience how Asian music and composers influenced the work of  Britten, Debussy, and Bartok.  You will hear how the great Viennese composers were not only masters of the symphony but were devoted to creating some of their personal bests for the chamber environment. A personal favorite of mine is the Prokofiev/Anderson program in March. Both pieces use the same unique combination of instruments and are full of high energy, beautiful melodies and jazzy rhythms.

What is most exciting to me about this season is that it allows you, the listener, to get to know each ROCO musician as an individual. As I was putting together the programs, I was struck by how many amazingly talented players ROCO has. I thought of the diverse and unique personalities and about how each person fits into each program. More importantly, I became really excited about what would happen when these musicians were able to rehearse, converse and play together in smaller ensembles. The final result will be six very exciting programs.

I hope you can join us for this musical adventure.  In 2013-2014,  getting there will be all the fun!