Announcing our new Listening Room, Music Store, Ringtones

ROCOreplayROCO is delighted to announce the launch of “ROCOreplay,” an online listening room and music store that enables ROCO fans to enjoy ROCO music anytime, anywhere. ROCO audience members have been asking for a way to buy recordings of ROCO concerts so that they may enjoy them again and again.

ROCOreplay extends the audience experience beyond the concert hall and provides three ways to re-experience ROCO performances:

    • The Listening Room is an online location where listeners may hear full concerts as well as individual pieces that were recorded live during ROCO performances. Concerts are listed by season and available for replay within the web page. It’s FREE and available anytime from within the ROCO website. The Listening Room is located under the “Listen” tab at


    • The ROCO Music Store is just a click away from the Listening Room. There, listeners may preview tracks and buy digital downloads of concert albums and music tracks. Albums are arranged by concert and are keyword searchable by composer, conductor, soloist, and other descriptors such as “premiere” and “conductorless.”


  • ROCOringtones are excerpts from live performances that have been crafted into iPhone ringtones. With a ROCOringtone in your pocket, you’ll enjoy a little bit of ROCO every time your phone rings! The first set of ringtones offered in the store highlights individual ROCO musicians in featured performances. ROCOringtones are one more way that ROCO personalizes the orchestral experience and delivers “the most fun you can have with serious music.”

Please visit and enjoy our new Listening Room and ROCOreplay music store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is ROCO offering music recordings for sale and for listening online?

A1.  We are responding to our patrons’ requests for a way to purchase and listen to recordings of ROCO performances. We are extending the audience experience beyond the concert hall by introducing our new listening room, music store and ROCOringtones.  At launch, ROCOreplay includes recordings of live performances from ROCO’s first seven seasons.

Q2.  How do I get to the ROCO Listening Room?

Q2.  Find it under the “Listen” tab on the ROCO website:


Q3.  How do I get to the ROCOreplay music store?

A3.  Three ways:  1)via the red tab at the top of every page of the ROCO website (, 2) via the “buy all” link at the bottom of the music player in the Listening Room, and 3) directly at


Q4.  What format are the downloaded files?

A4. The music files are MP3 files. When you download an album, you will receive a zipped file that contains multiple MP3 files. To use them, just double click on the zipped file, extract them to the directory of your choice.

Q5.  How do I play downloaded music files?

A5.  You can play them on any device that can play MP3 files, including your computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.


Q6.  Can’t I just buy a CD of ROCO music?

A6.  At this time, we’re only offering digital versions of our recordings.


Q7.  How do I get ROCOringtones from the ROCOreplay store and onto my iPhone?

A7.  Purchase them from ROCOreplay and download them to your computer. You’ll want to save them in your iTunes “Tones” folder, then connect and sync your iPhone ringtones.


Q8. Why did ROCO create music ringtones? Has anyone else done this?

A8. ROCO has achieved a reputation as an innovator and “orchestral trailblazer.” Building on our commitment to reimagine the orchestral experience, we see ROCOringtones as one more way to personalize the orchestral experience and create “the most fun you can have with serious music.” As far as we know, we are the first classical musical organization to introduce ringtones made from our own performances.


Q9.  Will ROCOringtones play on all phones?

A9.   Only iPhones can play ROCOringtones at this time.


Q10. What if I have a problem purchasing and downloading music files?

Q10. If you have any problems purchasing or playing ROCO music files, email us at or call us at 713-665-2700 and we’ll talk you through it.